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Welcome to Optiqueye, your one-stop destination for exceptional eye care and exclusive luxury handmade eyewear! Our passionate team is devoted to ensuring your vision is our top priority while creating an unforgettable experience you'll look forward to every visit.

At Optiqueye, our mission is to provide top-notch eye care services with a personal touch. Our experienced staff collaborates closely with you, guaranteeing the finest attention to your unique visual health needs. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment tools, ensuring accurate and effective solutions for all your eye care requirements.

We know glasses are more than a necessity; they're a statement of your personal style. That's why we've handpicked an extraordinary collection of luxury handmade frames from the world's most prestigious eyewear artisans. Crafted with precision and care, each piece in our collection utilizes premium materials, making your new eyewear not only a visual masterpiece but also a comfortable and lasting investment.

So, why wait? Treat yourself to pristine vision and a fresh new look by joining the Optiqueye family today! Our friendly and knowledgeable team eagerly awaits your arrival, ready to guide you on your journey towards exceptional eye care and unparalleled style. Book your appointment now and discover the life-changing impact of outstanding eye care and exclusive luxury handmade frames. Let Optiqueye be the window to your world!

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  • Dr. Morin
    Dr. Imrana Momin

    Introducing the heart and soul of Optiqueye, Dr. Imrana Momin! Hailing from Sugar Land, Texas, this spirited optometrist brings a unique blend of expertise, enthusiasm, and warmth to the world of eye care.

    After completing her Bachelor of Science in both Biology and Psychology at the University of Houston, Dr. Momin ventured to the sunny shores of Puerto Rico, where she achieved her Doctor of Optometry at the prestigious Inter-American University of Puerto Rico in 2015. As a licensed therapeutic optometrist and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist, Dr. Momin is your go-to expert for all things eye-related!

    Returning to her Sugar Land roots, Dr. Momin initially worked as an independent optometrist before launching her practice, Momin Vision Care. Driven by a passion for providing exceptional care to her community, she later expanded her practice into the vibrant private practice, Optiqueye. Here, she offers a wide array of services, from eye exams and post-operative cataract and LASIK visits to the management of eye injuries, all while showcasing a stunning selection of frames and contacts.

    In 2022, Dr. Momin joyfully welcomed a beautiful baby girl into her life. As a proud mom, she loves spending quality time with her daughter, who occasionally visits Optiqueye to provide her mom with emotional support and lots of smiles! This delightful mother-daughter duo brings an extra touch of love and happiness to the Optiqueye family.

    A proud member of the Texas Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association, Dr. Momin is committed to staying at the forefront of her field. When she's not busy transforming her patients' lives or enjoying precious moments with her daughter, you'll find her devouring books, dancing her heart out, soaking up sun at the beach, or indulging in her favorite TV shows.

    Step into the world of Optiqueye and let Dr. Momin's passion for eye care, coupled with her warmth as a loving mother, brighten your day!

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What Our Patients Are Saying...

  • Dr. Momin is a gem! So knowledgeable and caring! I’m so glad I found her office!

    - Demetrie S.
  • I was a patient of Dr Momin back when she was at her old location, so this is my first time at her new practice in sienna. I was extremely impressed at their precautions regarding COVID 19, and the office was beautiful and clean! Lots of stylish frame selections, and Dr Momin is extremely attentive, and uses her expertise to explain everything about your eye exam in ways you can understand. She even went out of her way to help me choose a flattering frame for my new glasses! Front desk staff als

    Show More - Mallory H.
  • Doctor Momin was so knowledgeable and the whole staff was very helpful in taking me through the whole exam process. Their sanitary measures and cleaning process were also top notch. I'll be coming back for my eye care needs!

    - Greg S.
  • Dr. Momin is the best. Used to see her when she practiced in the Katy area. When she moved, I tried other places but no one took as much care going over my needs as much as her. Coming back to her I definitely miss the attention to detail she provides.

    - Phong D.
  • Dr Momin is great! Thorough eye exam with a mini teaching about the eyes including help with the best eyeglass style for your face. Her office staff are awesome also!

    - Monica S.
  • Dr. Momin is very knowledgeable and provides detail information about the health of your eyes. She and the office staff are very welcoming and inviting! The whole visit was wonderful.

    - Britanie C.