Family Eye Care

Family Eye Care for Everyone in the Family

Everyone in the family needs eye care throughout their lives. Having family members at different ages means that each person will have different needs beyond a basic eye exam. At Optiqueye in Missouri City, TX, our team provides high-level care for everyone. Starting with the first visit to the optometrist can help children become more comfortable with this type of health care.

Getting Started

Family eye care starts with a comprehensive eye exam. This lets the optometrist assess the health and condition of your eyes. The eye test includes the following:

    • Eye coordination

    • Overall eye functionality

    • Light reaction to look at light sensitivity

    • Depth perception of objects at several different distances.

Treating an Inherited Disease

The best step to saving your eyesight is to have any issues identified early. In fact, 60% of children’s eye issues are ones that they have inherited genetically. Early identification and treatment are critical to your child’s development. In the same vein, adults benefit from a regular eye test. Early detection of a disease or an issue makes it more treatable. In some cases, this prevents permanent eye issues or even blindness.

Create Healthy Habits

Visiting the optometrist regularly becomes part of a normal routine for the whole family. This also reinforces for children the importance of maintaining good health. Going as a family can reduce any apprehension in children and help them learn how to care for their vision.

Vision Therapies

Some children have difficulties learning due to particular eye problems. The optometrist can diagnose the issue and begin treatment to improve your child’s vision. Not only will their eyesight improve, but you may begin to see their confidence and self-esteem also improve in school. If you suspect that your child might be having problems with visual learning in school, make an appointment for an eye exam to rule out any significant issues.

Eye Prescriptions

During the eye test, the optometrist may identify that a family member is having some difficulty with their vision. They may then give an eye prescription for eyeglasses or contacts. We even offer designer eyeglasses. They may also prescribe certain medications or eye drops depending on the situation. Wearing eyeglasses will correct their vision and make everyday life better.

Take Care of the Whole Family’s Vision

In Missouri City, TX, our team at Optiqueye can assist family members of all ages with their vision needs. From eye exams to designer eyeglasses, we’ve got the whole family covered. Eye care is a very important part of maintaining your health. Involving the whole family with great examination and treatment options means a lifetime of eye health. Don’t wait, call us today for an appointment!

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